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From our vicar--Rev. Terry Deokaran

The value of St. Mark's Episcopal Church of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, is not measured by its size or its budget or its programs. The value of St. Mark's is measured by its relationship with Jesus and that relationship is one of love.

And think about this! Jesus loves the small church. For three years Jesus focused on just twelve people because he knoew that discipleship took place most effectively in a small group. St. Mark's is important to Jesus and he loves our tiny yet vibrant church family.

I love St.  Mark's because we are a small, intimate family that knows each other by name.

I love St. Mark's because it providesa special setting for spiritual growth.


Come check us out!

Still preaching the good news of Jesus Christ in our 125th year!



Please join us for our weekly services.

Sunday Morning:
9:00 a.m.



208 N. Walnut
Medicine Lodge, Kansas 67104
(620) 930-8165